Treatment Approach


My treatment orientation is grounded in the idea that our present difficulties are caused by "stuck" ways of feeling, thinking, reacting and relating. Sometimes we get stuck because of difficult past experiences. Sometimes we get stuck because of our own family thinking, reacting and perceiving. Once we understand how we are stuck, it can free us to develop new ways of handling problems that can leave us happier, more content and more effective in the world.

When working with clients, I bring a balance of insight, experience, warmth and practicality. I have an interactive style, and believe in offering helpful feedback and suggestions, while also providing careful, respectful listening. My aim is to help clients enrich their lives, and achieve their own goals, while reducing their suffering.

Couples Therapy:

I am certified in Imago Relationship Therapy, which is a treatment specifically developed for treating troubled marriages and relationships. Imago Relationship Therapy is highly regarded as a very effective treatment for struggling couples. Through Imago techniques, couples can learn to greatly improve their ability to listen, understand and emotionally connect with each other. Couples who have been locked into repetitive arguments, emotional isolation and deep frustration can learn to reconnect with each other in a safe, structured, and supportive environment.